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Experience the artistry of smiles transformed. Explore our smile gallery, where Dentique Dentistry's expertise illuminates each radiant transformation.

Welcome to our Smile Gallery, a testament to Dentique Dentistry and our goal in elevating smiles to breathtaking heights. Each case study encapsulates a journey of transformation, where personalised care meets meticulous craftsmanship.

Our commitment to excellence shines through as you witness the radiant confidence that graces our patients' faces. From intricate cosmetic enhancements that redefine aesthetics to restorative marvels that renew both function and beauty, these transformations are the result of a harmonious blend of skill, innovation, and empathy.

At Dentique Dentistry, we understand that a smile is not just an adornment but a reflection of your inner vitality. That's why our smile gallery isn't just a collection of pictures; it's a chronicle of lives transformed, stories rewritten, and self-assurance rediscovered.

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We hope our work can kindle your aspirations, and allow us the privilege of partnering with you in crafting a smile that provides your self confidence though a personalised experience in the comfort of our practice.

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Guided smile

Conventional same day treatments usually involve freehand implant placement and an on-site technician, who makes the new bridge while you wait. This takes hours longer and is more prone to inaccuracies.

Guided Smile uses computer guided planning and manufacturing techniques, The technology was developed in the USA and has been available in the UK for about 2 years under licence. It is only available to a small number of clinicians in the UK. The technology is patent protected, and it is not available to most dentists.

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Traditional Bridges

In addition to dental implants, there are two primary methods of replacing missing teeth. The first option involves using a removable false tooth or teeth, known as a partial denture.

The second option is a fixed dental bridge. Dental bridges are typically utilised when fewer teeth need to be replaced or when the missing teeth are concentrated on one side of the mouth. These bridges are commonly constructed with a base made of precious metal.

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Dental Veneers

Veneers are individually crafted, ultra-thin ceramic pieces that are tailored to fit precisely over the front surface of teeth. With the aim of achieving a flawless and natural appearance, veneers can effectively align teeth, close gaps, whiten teeth, and even restore damaged teeth.

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Single Implant

A dental implant refers to an artificial tooth root, typically a small titanium "post." Tooth loss can occur due to various reasons, such as decay or trauma. In such cases, a dental implant serves as a replacement for the natural tooth root that needs to be extracted.

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smile Transformations

smile Transformations

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