Referral Journey

When you refer your patient to Dentique Dentistry, you are starting a process of partnership, collaboration, and patient-centred care for completely mutual benefit.

During the first consultation, we will thoroughly examine your patient and explore the various options for implant treatment that are suitable for them.

When treating patients on referral, we will follow a systematic process, to make sure everything happens the way it should, and the standard of service remains high.

The first stage of the process is a written referral, using the following referral options.

Online Referral Form

The quickest and most convenient way to refer your patients is through our online referral form.

Online Referral

You can send your patient referrals directly to us via email:

Paper Referral via Post

If you would prefer to send your patient referrals by post, you can print a patient referral form and send to the following address:

Dentique Dentistry
Unit 6
Mill Pool
Nash Lane

Throughout the referral process, we maintain transparent communication, keeping you informed about your patient's progress and outcomes. Our empathic approach extends beyond treatments – we're here to address any questions or concerns, ensuring that both you and your patient feel supported and valued.

Referral Journey

Begin the journey by reaching out to our dedicated referral liaison via our referral form. Your valued referral sets the stage for a collaborative partnership.
Online Referral

Step 1 - Consultation

In the first consultation, we'll discuss the concerns of your patient, explore treatment options, and conduct a thorough clinical examination. Unlike some implant referral centres, we have our own CBCT machine, which means further visits to other locations for CBCT can be avoided, as we can obtain all we need in house.

Step 2 - Plan

After gathering and evaluating necessary data, we'll discuss treatment options, including costs and benefits. Any questions and concerns are addressed.

Upon agreeing on a plan, the patient receives a written Treatment Plan detailing options, recommendations, costs, and treatment duration. If needed, we can review the plan in detail during another appointment, at no extra cost.

Step 3 - Acceptance

After the patient has chosen to move forward with the treatment, we will send a copy of the Treatment Plan to you, ensuring that you are well-informed about the proposed course of action.

We invite and encourage you to contact us if you wish to discuss any aspect of your patient's care plan.

Step 4 - Treatment

Once the Treatment Plan is approved, we'll proceed with the treatment. If you are involved in certain procedures, we'll coordinate timings. We'll also update you about progress during treatment for a unified dental care approach.

Step 5 - Completion

Upon completing the treatment, our focus is all round satisfaction. We'll inform you when our role ends by writing to you and discharge the patient back to you. Any arrangements for ongoing care can also be agreed.

Step 6 - Aftercare

Post-treatment ongoing care is key. Regular check-ups and hygiene maintenance is crucial. We like to follow up our own treatment, especially to monitor implants with scheduled reviews every two years. We handle any follow-up treatment and keep you informed.

In the rare event of post-treatment complications, we guarantee that we will attend to any remedial care as a priority.

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Advice & Support

If you are a referring dentist and have any questions or concerns regarding directing a patient to our care, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide you with the information you need and address any inquiries you may have.

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