What is Root Canal Treatment?

Experience painless root canal treatments at Dentique Dentistry, where your comfort and well-being are our priority.

Welcome to Dentique Dentistry, where advanced dentistry meets compassionate care. If you're seeking relief from dental discomfort, our root canal treatments offer a great solution.

Root canal treatment is a meticulously performed procedure aimed at alleviating pain caused by infected or damaged tooth pulp. Our experienced dentist combines cutting-edge techniques with a gentle touch to ensure your utmost comfort throughout the process.

We understand that the prospect of root canal treatment might cause apprehension, which is why we prioritise your well-being. Our calming environment and empathic team are dedicated to making your experience as soothing and stress-free as possible.

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Rest assured, root canal treatment at Dentique Dentistry is far from the conventional perception. From your initial consultation to the final steps of your treatment, we employ advanced technology and a personalised approach to ensure a smooth journey to renewed oral health.

Trust us to provide a luxury dental experience that prioritises your relief, well-being, and confidence.

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What is Root Canal Treatment?

Elevate your dental experience with Dentique Dentistry. Root canal treatment addresses tooth discomfort caused by infection or damage to the tooth pulp. This procedure is skilfully performed by our dentist, combining expertise with a gentle touch.

During the process, the infected or inflamed pulp is carefully removed, and the tooth's interior is cleansed and sealed to prevent further issues.

Your well-being is paramount and we understand the anxiety often associated with dental procedures, and our empathic team creates a soothing environment for your journey to renewed oral health.

Experience the pinnacle of luxury dentistry, where your comfort and confidence are our top priorities. Trust Dentique Dentistry to provide a transformative root canal treatment that enhances your oral health and preserves your radiant smile.

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Why choose us?

Choose Dentique Dentistry for your root canal treatment and experience unparalleled care. Our skilled Dentists blend cutting-edge expertise with a compassionate approach, ensuring your comfort and confidence throughout the process.

At Dentique, we redefine the root canal experience. Our advanced techniques and technology aim to make your experience as painless as possible, setting aside common apprehensions. Your well-being is our priority, reflected in our serene environment and empathic team.

With a commitment to personalised care, we tailor each root canal treatment to your unique needs, ensuring optimal results and lasting relief. Our luxury dental practice is dedicated to transforming your journey to renewed oral health into an enriching experience.

When you choose Dentique Dentistry, you're not just selecting a dental clinic – you're choosing a partner in your path to smiling with confidence. Trust us to provide the root canal treatment you deserve, one that reflects our dedication to excellence and your comfort.

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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Dr. Luke Greenwood

BDS University of Birmingham 2012


Dentistry certainly runs in Luke’s blood. Having qualified from Birmingham university in 2012 ( the same University as his Father in 1976 ) he has worked in private practice for 11 years.

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Root Canal Journey

Embark on your journey at Dentique Dentistry with our meticulously crafted root canal treatment journey.
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Step 1 - Consultation

Your journey begins with a personalised consultation. Our dentist will carefully examine your tooth, utilising advanced technology to assess the extent of the problem. Your concerns and questions are valued as we create a tailored treatment plan.

Step 2 - Procedure

As you settle in, rest assured that your comfort is our priority. Our skilled dentist will delicately access and remove the infected pulp. Using state-of-the-art techniques, your tooth's interior is thoroughly cleansed, and the root canal is sealed to prevent further issues.

Step 3 - Care

Throughout the procedure, our team will ensure you feel at ease. We understand dental anxiety and strive to provide a calming environment. Any questions or worries you have will be addressed promptly.

Step 4 - Follow-up

As your root canal treatment concludes, our team will provide guidance for post-treatment care, ensuring optimal healing. We prioritise your continued oral wellness, offering follow-up appointments to monitor your progress.

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What our patients say...

"I highly recommend Dentique, Paul and his team are excellent."


"Paul and all the team were so kind, caring and welcoming and made me feel very at ease."


"I thoroughly recommend Paul and his team."


"Very welcoming, professional and friendly"


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